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Shortcuts for Microsoft Word (MacOS)

Hit the Tab key on your keyboard and enter the text that will replace your shortcut, such as "On my way! I've been testing AirPods Pro for a week now and have had them firmly set in my ears for 4.

Here's what I think of them. If you're no fan of Memoji stickers you might be able to disable them soon if an iOS Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Here's how to configure things the way you like them. Open System Preferences.

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Click Keyboard. Click the Text tab. How to change your autocorrect language If you only need autocorrect for a single language, it's easy to specify which one your Mac should look out for. How to manage smart quotes Smart quotes are a typographic feature that makes it easier to enter quotation marks. Check the box to turn smart quotes and dashes on.

Spell check does not work in Word for Mac 2011

Click the drop-down menu to choose your style for double quotes. Click the next drop-down to choose your style for single quotes. How to create text shortcuts You can create short text snippets that expand into longer pieces of text, emoji characters, and more, without needing to purchase a third-party application. Comments Table of Contents: Frequently Used Shortcuts Move the Cursor Select text and graphics Select text and graphics in a table Extend a selection Edit text and graphics Align and format paragraphs Set line spacing Format characters Insert special characters Work with fields Outline a document Review a document Print a document Move around in a table Resize table columns by using the ruler Resize table columns directly in a table.

Spell-Checking, Language, and Dictionary Issues in MacWord

Insert paragraphs and tab characters in a table Use footnotes and endnotes Right-to-left language features Function key shortcuts. The Check spelling as you type check box must be selected Word menu, Preferences command, Spelling and Grammar.

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To use these shortcuts, you may have to change your Mac keyboard settings to change the Show Desktop shortcut for the key. Select to a vertical block of text F8 , and then use the arrow keys; press Esc to cancel selection mode. Extend a selection to adjacent cells Click in the column's top or bottom cell.

How to Access Autocorrect Settings

Extend a selection F8 Turn on extend mode F8 , Arrow Left Select the nearest character to the left F8 , Arrow Right Select the nearest character to the right Press F8 repeatedly to expand the selection to the entire word, sentence, paragraph, section, and document. Resize table columns by using the ruler Shift Move a single column line; Retain table width. Resize table columns directly in a table. To display a column's measurements in the ruler when you resize the column, press Option with these shortcut keys. To finely adjust a column width, turn off snap-to functionality by pressing Option with the shortcut keys.

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  • Function key shortcuts Word for Mac uses the function keys for common commands, including Copy and Paste. For quick access to these shortcuts, you can change your Apple system preferences so you don't have to press the Fn key every time you use a function key shortcut.