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Harvest Moon is a game that will teach you why. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

Harvest Moon

All Free. MobiPicker presents 10 games like Harvest Moon that you should not miss out if you are searching for similar titles.

What do the girls like in harvest moon? Buy products related to harvest moon games and see what harvest moon friends of mineral town for GBA, Harvest moon It's like harvest moon mixed with.


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What do you think is the best Harvest Moon game. Farm the field and care for animals all while managing relationships with the.

It all comes down to personal preference and the amount of money one is able to spend on a video game. The game was developed by Amccus and it was originally released in Japan in , North America in and in Europe in The gameplay consists of taking care of plants and animals in your farm by feeding them, watering them, etc.

A great RPG-based farming simulator is definitely hard to find for PC since games like this are often not so deep and complex. The quality of the games we are going to suggest as alternatives is objective and everyone will have something else to say about them.

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This particular gem always seemed like the obvious choice because the game is simply marvelous. The game is visually quite similar to harvest moon and the in-game perspective is almost the same.

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The game offers an RPG-like leveling system where you can improve your skills. There are a lot of NPCs to talk to, a lot of areas to explore and a lot of different events to take part in! Farm for Your Life is a farming game released back in by an indie published called Hammer Labs. The game tried to combine a lot of different elements in order to craft a game which can serve as a great entertainment when you want to rest your head from all the shooting and killing.

Besides managing your farm, you can also make a restaurant and manage it to keep people full.