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Watching Movies had this wild psychedelic sound which was different but, at times, was all over the place. Divine Feminine had a much softer tone and was heavily driven by live instruments, but touched on one thing, love, throughout.

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Swimming reeled all that stuff in and was much more fluid than any other project in my opinion. Swimming just sounded free. We originally talked about a Tiny Desk performance during The Divine Feminine , but it never worked out until this album. Madden: One of the reasons this death stands out to me so much is — though hip-hop has had a few unexpected deaths within the last year — he was someone you thought was in the clear, to a certain extent; he wasn't someone on the cusp of mainstream fame and he wasn't an OG on the other side of the hill.

He was right in the middle of all of it — in the middle of his development as a musician, which is evident on his latest albums, but he was also in the middle of the spotlight, of the same class and caliber of MCs that are now some of the biggest names in rap. He came up in hip-hop's blog era, the same time J. And though he often got boxed into the short-lived subgenre of snarky frat rap, he didn't rest on his laurels.

He honed his craft, on the mic and on the production side, which is why he earned the respect of so many in and outside of the hip-hop world.

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Carter: One of the hardest things to do in art, and maybe particularly in hip-hop, is to achieve huge success out the blocks and maintain it — there's usually a big dip in momentum at some point. If you get so big so fast, it can be hard to maintain that. The expectations can be hard to live up to. I don't think Mac worried about that. He never followed and he always did what he wanted to do musically, not what was in fashion.

I think Mac Miller's strength was to carve out his lane and grow up with his fans. There's a true love between Mac and his fans and peers and we've seen that immediately following the tragic news. Madden: And because he was in the middle, but was always so accessible and down to work with seemingly anyone, influencing a lot of the rappers we now consider the younger generation.

Carter: The doors he's opened for this younger generation can't be overstated. Other than the music, i think that's the legacy he leaves behind. He always reached back to pull others up. Even up until his most recent tour, he was going to bring J. D on tour, who is just starting to gain notoriety. Madden: The aspect of discovery was always something you would come to expect from a Mac Miller performance.

Whether it was being put on to a new young act because he took them on tour as an opener or because of Mac himself re-energizing the audience with a guitar or drum solo in the middle of an interlude. The potential for surprises at his shows was unlimited.

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Carter : I'm discovering more after his passing. I've already found him playing guitar and singing Oasis' " Wonderwal l" during one of his shows.

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He left plenty of proof of his musical brilliance, but there's going to be lots more talk about how nice Mac Miller was as a person. We tend to highlight the great qualities once we lose someone, but I can say for certain that there's no embellishment when we speak about Mac Miller. We saw that up close. It's hard to lose that light when we so desperately need more of it.

When Mac Miller Stood Up to Trump: ‘Racist F**k-wad of a Human’

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